We’re more than just a law firm

Lazarus Legal has some of Australia’s most competent Business Lawyers, Litigators, FMCG & Startup Advisors – On Tap

On tap? what does that even mean?

Simply put, we are available whenever and wherever you need us. Why? Well because we place our clients as the number one priority, and our mission is to partner with them to achieve solutions. Think of us as an extended arm of your business, dealing with all the legal issues that arise, so you can focus on building and growing your business. 

Over the years, we have seen small businesses grow into franchises, retained big name multi-national corporations, and represented individuals in some of the most complex legal cases and disputes.

"We've got your back"

As amazing as this sounds, when someone says this to you, you want to be sure you hear it from the right people, who use more than words, but can back up their claim with action and results. Lazarus Legal is a full-service law firm committed to empowering individuals and businesses to reach their full potential. We do this by bringing competency, honesty, transparency, and utmost diligence to the table, each and every time.

Our Legal Services

At Lazarus Legal we are dedicated to providing ‘first class’ legal services. We do this by breaking down the traditional legalistic approach, thinking beyond the law to accomplish goals, and placing our clients at the centre of our business. Whether it’s litigation, dispute resolution, commercial contracts or you just simply need legal advice, working with a lawyer that genuinely has your back and understands the law inside out, is critical for your success and welfare. Our legal services cover many legal and commercial areas such as property law, immigration law, commercial law, intellectual property, to name a few.

Message from Mark Lazarus

“Imagine you walk around with an army of security guards anywhere you go. You are untouchable. Now, imagine you are untouchable when it comes to law. That’s what we’re all about. We work hard and smart to make you untouchable. With over a decade of helping small business and large enterprises inside and outside Australia, I re-joined Lazarus Legal in 2017 to continue the journey of helping individuals and businesses prosper and make a dent in the world.”

“My mission is simple yet powerful. I rise every morning with one intention: help you rise above.”

Mark Lazarus SIgnature

Empowering Australian Businesses

Have a burning question? Get invaluable advice to help you rise above…

We take the complexities of the law and make it simple

The law isn’t glamorous and can be overwhelming at times. But it’s necessary. To bridge the gap, our Lawyers take remove the complex jargon and communicate simply and effectively. We’re on your level and get what you do, which is why together, we will ‘Rise Above’.

Most of the time, your desired outcomes can be achieved. If they are unrealistic, we will let you know right away. Either way, we will help you find alternatives to ensure you obtain the best possible outcomes. “We never settle for less, and neither should you.”

We are Sydney based Lawyers who get it. We work with businesses in Australia and all around the globe. We look at every client as an opportunity to create exceptional outcomes and long-lasting relationships. Outcomes, results and output, are how we measure and ascertain our value to you.

This is why in 2016, we coined the phrase SEFOSimplicity – Efficiency – Flexible Fees – Outcomes. It is the Lazarus Legal Edge and what separates us from our competitors.

We ‘demystify the law’
We ‘leverage the law’
And We ‘enforce the law’

"The Lazarus Legal Edge"

Want to conquer the law? Here is how we can help you do just that. Our journey inside and outside the courtroom over the past 30 years has brought us a wealth of experience, wisdom and invaluable knowledge, that not only give us an edge, but gives you unmatched peace of mind. The best part is that the quality and cost of our legal services are never compromised.

There is a philosophy going around that a client should not pay for a professional’s time, but the years of accumulated experience. We think this is inaccurate. A client should pay for the true value they get and the outcomes that materialise.


We simplify the law and equally important, our dialogue with you and your counterparts. We break down complex and sophisticated processes and guide you through it in clear and methodical ways.


When it comes to business, every second counts. So when it comes to dealing with legal matters, efficiency is key! We achieve your goals in less time using effective processes and methods to help you gain that competitive edge.

Flexible Fees

With the wide range of legal services we provide, we also have a personalised and tailored approach to our fees. Besides a high level of transparency, our past and existing clients vouch for our flexible and reasonable fee arrangements.


An outcome is as good as the value it brings and the direction it takes you in. We don’t just work towards ‘good outcome’. The outcomes we deliver are the results you and your business aspire to achieve, perfectly and timely executed.

What our clients are saying​

Are we different or better or perhaps both?

Well, being DIFFERENT is not necessarily effective. We believe in being BETTER. As an Australian law firm, over the years, we have maintained our traditional values of transparency, integrity and diligence. We have never lost sight of what got us to where we are today. It all started with putting our clients’ interests first. Something we will NEVER compromise!

Forging trust in everything we do

We have a genuine passion and interest in building relationships and riding that journey with you. We believe in transparency and personal, trustworthy, and one-to-one service. If you put your trust in us, rest assured we will give it our all. 

To find a lawyer who you can trust to have your back and get you the best outcome, is not always straightforward. That’s why we are dedicated to simplifying not only the process of finding the right lawyer, but ensuring that our legal advice and services exceed your expectations each and every time.

Offering a first class service?

Are you looking to find a lawyer but don’t know where to begin? There is no metaphorical curtain separating economy from business and first class. With us, it’s first class all the way. Our enthusiastic team of legally and commercially trained lawyers and advisors will ensure that every time you engage Lazarus Legal, we live up to your expectations, if not exceed them. 

We’ve been in this business and profession a long time. Our ensemble of highly qualified solicitors and advisors are first class, having practised in Australia and abroad for decades – a first class services is what you can expect from us.

Looking for legal advice

Don’t wait till it’s too late and the sharks are circling your business, or a competitor is suing you. Talk to Lazarus Legal today and let us help you build a solid legal foundation for your company and take your business higher. 

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