hey, Start up! Are you in need of Trade Mark Registration?

hey, Start up!
Are you in need

of Trade Mark Registration?

Safeguard your startup’s future success. Ensure brand protection through trademark registration with Lazarus Legal. Empower your business today. 

Embark on a Journey with Lazarus Legal

The First Step - Recognising the Challenge

In the vast realm of business, an invisible battlefield exists. You may have a vision, an ambition, a fire within. But do you possess the shield of legal soundness? Every enterprise, whether a budding start-up or a multinational conglomerate, teeters on this intricate balance of ambition and protection.

Embark on a Journey with Lazarus Legal

The First Step - Recognising the Challenge

Strategic Business Alignment: We don’t just advise; we integrate, understanding your business dynamics deeply, ensuring every legal move supports your strategic objectives.

Unwavering Integrity: In the unpredictable world of business, our consistency is your biggest ally. We stand with you, unwavering, through every decision. 

Robust Security Framework: Our expertise crafts a robust legal shield, safeguarding your ventures from potential risks and pitfalls.

Beyond just advice, our 20 years in the field brings insights from landmark victories, invaluable learnings, and market evolution.

Your business deserves robust legal support. Partner with Lazarus Legal now.

Rise Above - The Shared Ascent

Our tagline “Rise Above” isn’t merely words on paper; it’s the very core of our ethos. With every step you take, we rise alongside you, driven by a legal team armed with a potent mix of knowledge, expertise, and an insatiable hunger to champion your cause. When challenges loom, we don’t just advise; we rise above to strategise, fight, and triumph together.

This journey is a mutual odyssey, where our collective ascent is fortified by shared victories, shared learnings, and an unwavering commitment to legal excellence. In the intricate dance of law, you’re not just accompanied; you’re backed, bolstered, and buoyed by a powerhouse of legal prowess. With Lazarus Legal, it’s not just about rising; it’s about conquering winning peaks, journeying through painful valleys, and emerging victorious, together. 

When it comes to the law, settle for nothing but the best.

The Fabric of Our Services - Not Just Threads, But Tapestries

In the sprawling landscape of law, each domain is like a distinct weave, unique in its texture and tale. Just as artisans dedicate themselves to crafting meticulous patterns and designs, we at Lazarus Legal delve deep into the intricacies of each legal strand. From the sturdy foundation stones of Franchise & Property Law to the vibrant threads of FMCG Law and the intricate knots of Intellectual Property, our suite of services unfolds a tapestry rich in knowledge, experience, and dedication. What follows is a curated selection of our specialties, each representing our commitment to excellence and our passion for serving diverse business needs.
Legal Services Sydney


The cornerstone of business expansion. We lay foundations, ensuring each franchise agreement is robust and beneficial so all parties get the best possible deal.

Legal Services Sydney

Dispute Resolution

The mediator's table, where voices are heard and resolutions are forged. We advocate, striving for justice and clarity.

Legal Services Sydney

Franchise Law

The cornerstone of business expansion. We lay foundations, ensuring each franchise agreement is robust and beneficial so all parties get the best possible deal.

Legal Services Sydney

Property Law

Safeguarding enterprises' tangible assets. With every property deal, we fortify the terms, ensuring stability and longevity.

Legal Services Sydney

Construction Law

Navigating building projects with precision. Every blueprint, every plan, we ensure is aligned with unwavering legal fidelity.

Legal Services Sydney


In the vibrant world of consumer goods, we steer you through intricate regulations, ensuring your brand stands tall and remains compliant.

Legal Services Sydney

Intellectual Property Law

The treasure trove of innovation. We vigilantly protect your groundbreaking ideas, ensuring their exclusive ownership.

Legal Services Sydney

Startup Law

Every entrepreneurial dream's backbone. We provide the pillars, ensuring your startup's journey is legally fortified from the outset.

Legal Services Sydney

Immigration Law

Paving pathways across borders for dreams. We ensure every migration step, every document, stands on solid legal ground.

Legal Services Sydney

Notary Public

Facilitating global document authenticity. With every seal, every signature, we guarantee legal recognition and validity both at home and abroad.

Legal Services Sydney

Wills & Estate Planning

Charting life's later chapters. We work beside you, sculpting documents to ensure your legacy reflects your desires.

Legal Services Sydney

Trademark Law

The badge of your brand's identity. We ensure your trademarks shine uniquely, encapsulated with legal assurance. Visit our sister site for more info.

Legal Services Sydney

Legal Templates

Personalised legal blueprints for unique needs. Our many DIY legal templates are easy to use, simple to adjust and can be changed to reflect your needs.

Legal Services Sydney

Tailored Legal Solutions

Beyond the generic, into bespoke legal strategies. We dive deep, creating solutions that mirror your distinct business challenges. Visit our sister site.

In this grand tapestry of legal services, we don’t just tie up loose ends. We weave stories of security, success, and legacy. Each thread, meticulously interlaced, crafts a legacy that stands the test of time. Whether it’s the labyrinth of FMCG law, the intricate dance of intellectual property, or the soaring ambitions of startups, we don’t just provide a service. We craft legacies.

Words of Wisdom

– From Mark Lazarus, Director

“In the annals of legal history, I’ve seen enterprises rise and fall. The key? A rock-solid legal foundation is definitely high up on the agenda. Now imagine being shielded by top-tier security, making you untouchable. That’s the level of legal protection we provide. Drawing from over two decades of experience, serving businesses in and outside Australia, I returned to Lazarus Legal in 2017. Our goal? To fortify clients with unparalleled legal prowess, enabling them to flourish and make a significant impact.”

“At Lazarus Legal, we’re not just lawyers. We’re your co-pilots in your journey. Let’s rise above…” 

When it comes to the law, settle for nothing but the best.

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Empowering Australian Businesses

Thank you to Immerse and especially Mark for the outstanding service with DOG by Dr Lisa. From local contracts to major international distribution agreements, your team’s dedication and Mark's keen attention safeguard our growing business. His availability and ongoing legal support are invaluable.

Brad Nissen​

Lazarus Legal's team provide expertise and diligence that is required for startups, though might often feel out of reach. We trust all of our legal advice for contracts and trademarks the team are always on the front foot to provide general advice to the point of offering advice before you know you need it.

James Barbour
General Manager

As leaders in health innovation, we often engage with high-profile influencers, relying on Immerse for solid, clear agreements. The team, especially Mark, simplifies deal-making, allowing us to focus on creating epic collaborations. We’re thankful for the continuous support that helps us grow.

Ricky Rosen

As a startup, we were fairly new to the legal side of things, but Mark and the Team at Immerse guided us throughout and ensured a seamless experience. Every deliverable was thorough, efficient and timely. It's refreshing to work with a dependable team that tailors its service to your needs. Would happily recommend Immersive.

Nick Figliano

"The Lazarus Legal Edge"



We simplify the law and equally important, our dialogue with you and your counterparts. We break down complex and sophisticated processes and guide you through it in clear and methodical ways.



In our extensive range of legal services, we take great pride in our customised fee structures. Beyond mere transparency, countless clients can vouch for our notably flexible and exceptionally fair pricing methods. 



When it comes to business, every second counts. So when it comes to dealing with legal matters, efficiency is key! We achieve your goals in less time using effective processes and methods to help you gain that competitive edge. 



We don’t just aim for ‘good’ outcomes. At every step, we ensure our results deeply resonate with your business ambitions, meticulously executed with precision and always delivered right on schedule.

Your Turn to Start A Story

The narrative is yours to command. With Lazarus Legal, let’s script not just any story, but a magnum opus of success, security, and shared ascension.

Immerse Legal Templates - Where Value Meets Excelence.

Seeking top-tier legal templates without paying a premium? Head over to Immerse Legal, our online legal platform and check out our legal templates. Our templates are drafted by our expert lawyers at Lazarus Legal and are provided at affordable prices. It’s a simple process: purchase the template, download, customise, and deploy. It’s a professional legal solution tailored to your budget, ensuring you get premium results every time. Designed for the discerning entrepreneur who seeks value with no compromise.

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