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Engage a Lazarus Legal Construction lawyer to assist in your contract negotiation, assessment of your right and obligations under the Security of Payment Laws and to ensure any possible dispute is resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Working or involved in a construction project and want maximum legal protection? At Lazarus Legal, we work with builders, developers, and various construction business to protect their business. Whether you need legal advisory, representation, or you are about to go down the path of litigation, we are only one call away.

We are a one-stop shop in construction law - assisting builders, construction businesses and landlords.

Our decades of experience in the construction sector allow us to give you the edge each and every time.

When it comes to building and construction, the stakes are always high. We help you protect your investments. Whether you’re building and planning a residence, a block of apartments, an office building, or a shopping centre, our construction lawyers are right there with you from day one.

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We’ve helped and legally protected individuals and businesses over the last 3 decades across various construction and building projects. The best and most effective approach is to create bullet-proof plans and contracts to guide the entire process. However, in some cases, that’s not enough. If you find yourself at the doorstep of a dispute or litigation, our lawyers will be your ultimate line of defence – fighting your fight and getting you the outcomes you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every project and type of work can and might have a different fee and payment structure. However, we pride ourselves on having the most straightforward and transparent fee structure. Our goal is to see you succeed and we ensure that happens by providing you the best expertise and fees structure.

Contract disputes are the main cause of legal issues for construction businesses. But there are many other reasons why you might end up in a dispute during or after the construction process such as negligence disputes and project delays. Our approach is focused on giving you maximum legal protection from day one however, should the need arise, we’re ready to fight and legally represent you all the way through.

Apart from their educational background and qualifications, lawyers come with varying degrees of experience. Before you hire someone, you’ll need to ensure they have the right experience and track record that matches the nature of the work you’re involved in.

Absolutely. We work with our construction clients by acting for respondents and claimants in relation to progress claims, payment schedules and adjudication under the security of payment legislation. We fully understand that the security of payment legislation is critical for your success because it reinforces a cost effective operation and minimises the chances of disputes and litigation.

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We’re not just contracts specialists. We know the construction law through and through. Therefore, working with our team means that you get decades of experience and the ultimate knowledge you need to ensure your project is smooth sailing.

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