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Property is one of the most valuable assets an individual or company can own personally, or as part of an investment portfolio, and often the most valuable. Property prices have been more unpredictable than ever during COVID-19, but are now on the rise again. To move fast in a rapidly changing market, you need conveyancing advisors with an acute knowledge of the complexities of property law and a profound knowledge of current trends in the market, so as to ensure that you are armed with all the information you need to make the right investment decision.

At Lazarus Legal, we closely align ourselves with associate property experts in real estate and commercial and residential property management, so we have a 360-degree insight into the property market. We use all available resources to advise beyond the scope of any document to make sure you Rise Above ‘the Market’. Below is just a snapshot of the support services our Conveyancing Lawyers can provide you with:

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When it comes to property, too much is at stake to leave any aspect of it to amateurs. You need a conveyancing lawyer who doesn’t leave any threads dangling which could unravel the value of your investment. Fill out this form and our helpful team will call you to listen, assess, and advise you on the next steps. One of our specialists will gladly meet you for a free initial consultation at our Bondi Junction office or your location. We want to help you make the right decisions.

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When the potential rewards are so huge and the risks so significant, it’s unsurprising that it’s a dog eat dog world out there. In the Australian property market, you’re often bidding against cash rich foreign investor and navigating past predatory lenders whilst trying to stay attuned to the beat of the market. You need real expertise on your side. Whether you’re a first home buyer or a property developer, we’ll take on any Sale of Land Contract or Lease Agreement and dissect it page by page to ensure you that your nest egg is protected. No matter what your requirements are, we’ll suss out the viability of the rent, outgoings, and security arrangements to make sure your new premises are perfectly suited to the size of your enterprise, and any potential for growth down the track.

When it comes to the potential pitfalls or general advice regarding property law, lease negotiation or legal property rights, Lazarus Legal lawyers think outside the four-walled box to help you succeed and concentrate on your core business, while knowing we have your legal back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially, conveyancing is the legal process by which ownership of real estate is transferred from one person or entity to another. At its simplest, most people understand conveyancing to involve the preparation of the Section 32 Statement, final contracts and the provision of legal advice to do with the transaction. Conveyancing services can be much broader, however, and include advice on market conditions.

Gazumping is one of the most notorious, but there are different forms. Gazumping is often used to refer to the moment when a vendor refuses to finalise on an agreement at the last minute to accept a higher bid. It is unfortunately common, but in Australia, it is assumed that a sale has not taken place until the contract has been completely executed (signed by both parties), and it is therefore not against the law, no matter how inconvenient. However, a second form of gazumping occurs if a real estate agent adds a condition to the contract which allows the vendor to cancel the sale and to sell the property to someone else. If done without the purchaser being known, such clauses are regarded as unfair and unethical and may constitute a criminal offence. You need a good lawyer to help you in such circumstances.

Your lawyer is the only person in a property transaction whose role is to protect your legal interests. A wise investor will have a lawyer involved at every stage of a conveyancing transaction, including before purchase. Should problems occur it is the lawyer’s role to evaluate the situation, establish whether you are in dispute with a party to the transaction, decide which party is involved, and advise you on your rights or responsibilities in relation to that party. Sometimes a seller, agent or other parties may try to persuade you to do things their way and claim you will benefit. A real estate agent may say they are assisting you by writing a condition into a contract, for example. In all cases, you need someone who is solely focused on your best interest, and working only to your advantage. That’s what a good conveyancing lawyer does.
Property law can be complex and, because of the large financial sums involved, very high stakes. Disputes can occur in residential or commercial property, with common problem areas including disputes over consent to subletting, breaches of the covenant when it comes to maintenance or repairs, and – ultimately – lease surrender negotiations. A good property lawyer hired at the start of the arrangement can make sure you are protected throughout it, and step in to deal with any problems immediately, saving you money, time and the kind of stress that can affect a whole organisation.

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Property investments can be the engine of your wealth and success and must be treated with the same care and attention as an engine. That means assembling it with great care in the form of perfectly oiled and functioning contracts which will allow you to swiftly remedy problems later. You need to be sure that you are protected from the start to the end of your contract. Let us be the defensive wall around your castle. Send us your details now.
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