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Businesses and organisations are not rigid and inflexible structures – they’re dynamic, ever-changing and always on the move. So why should your legal support be any different?

At Lazarus Legal, we offer services that many other law firms do not. With our “Advisors on Tap” program, our flexible legal advisors and consultants are assigned to fit in with your business, and work directly with you in-house on a short to medium term basis.

Adapting our legal services to your needs

Like our clients, we adapt. We immerse ourselves in the world of our clients. This allows your organisation to benefit from specialised boutique legal expertise on an “as-needed basis” without having to employ in-house Legal Counsel, which can be a costly commitment for any organisation.

Our flexible legal advisors and lawyers are available on-call to work with you as an extended arm of your business, dealing with all legal matters, so that you have peace of mind to get on doing what you do best, building your business!

How we can help

1. Guiding Start-ups

We guide start-ups and established businesses on all aspects of their business, to ensure they are legally protected from day 1, and as their businesses continue to grow and expand.

2. High Work Load

Unexpected organisational workload or seasonal work that are commercial or legal in nature

3. Legal Expertise

Project management for relevant long term projects requiring considerable legal expertise

4. Understaffed

Providing support to short-staffed organisations affected by long term employee absences

Our 'Advisors on Tap' Features:

Let's connect

How does "Advisors on Tap" work?

The Dossier

Give us a heads up on what you require and leave the legals to us, so that you can focus on developing your business

The Proposal

After a pow-wow with you, we will propose the most suitable advisor to do the job you want from the inside and obtain regular feedback to ensure you are satisfied with the arrangement

The Execution

Our advisors are adept at applying their skills on the fly regardless of where they are, and they will have legal resources and ancillary support from our HQ at all times

What our clients are saying

Let's start the process

We have a number of experienced legal staff available to come to your organisation and work as part of your team. We look forward to immersing ourselves within your organisation to help with any legal issues or questions you may have. Speak to us to find out more.

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