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Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur with a slew of businesses doing well under one brand, an existing franchisor with a solid business model, or a street-smart go-getter looking to break into a successful franchise network, Lazarus Legal’s franchise lawyers will assist you in navigating the legal blueprint around franchising laws, agreements, and disclosure statements. 

At Lazarus Legal, we advise our clients, both franchisors and franchisees, on all aspects of the franchise lifecycle, from entry level through to establishing multiple franchised businesses, resolving franchise disputes, considering exit options, and dealing with complex regulatory compliance issues to name just a few. No matter the scale or scope of a franchise business model, our franchise lawyers understand that your business is unique, and we go above and beyond to provide you with that tailored advice to ensure you rise above.

Our franchise lawyers can help you on a wide range of franchise-related matters including:

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Franchising provides an incredible opportunity either to make your start in business or maximise the success of your existing empire. Its one of the few areas of business where everyone is a winner, but only if the rules and agreements are followed. That can be complex, which is why you need help. Fill out this form and our helpful team will call you to listen, assess, and advise you on the next steps. One of our franchise laywers will gladly meet you for a free initial consultation at our Bondi Junction office or your location. We want to help you make your business a success.

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If you are a franchisor, Lazarus Legal can help you put together a concrete but workable franchise agreement and disclosure document that makes your brand accessible to newbie and pro franchisees alike, without sacrificing your IP, business model, brand reputation, and necessary legal protections. 

On the flip side, if you’re a franchisee and need some feedback on franchise documents, we scrutinise every agreement, disclosure document, operations manual, and financial statements with a cunning eye to explain to you in straightforward language how these clauses will practically affect you once you start operating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Franchising is a business model that sees an established brand in any industry authorise a small business owner to sell a product or deliver a service on its behalf. The franchisor collaborating with the business owner gives this authority in exchange for a contract fee, and usually with a revenue-sharing agreement which is based on products sold or services delivered. The contract signed between the franchisor and the franchisee is usually time-bound and performance-based and is a complex legal document.

There are multiple conditions for franchise ownership within Australia. One of the primary requirements of attaining franchisee status is owning a commercial space where products or services can be retailed or delivered.

A franchisor sets the overall conditions and a full legal contract must be entered into, contract fees must be paid on time, and miscellaneous other fees may also apply.

Few franchisors require that potential franchisees must have extensive experience in business and the best franchisors are often defined by their willingness to extend comprehensive support to a franchisee. This includes training in operations and management, employee support, product and service knowledge training, marketing support, and more. Many franchisors are also extensively involved in setting up a franchise in a given location. It’s obvious that a commercial product or service is unlikely to generate huge revenues in a saturated market or if there is the availability of the same product or service at multiple franchises close to each other. To ensure maximum profits, there is usually a territorial exclusivity component to any legal arrangement.

Just because someone is a good lawyer, does not mean they will excel in litigation. Litigation is in a class of its own, requiring experience specifically in litigation and familiarity within the court you will be represented in. At Lazarus Legal, we will guide you through the complexities of civil and commercial law and devise a strategy to tackle your dispute head-on. Our litigation lawyers have proven experience and results in a wide range of litigation areas. Equally important, our litigation lawyers ensure they take the time to help you understand and navigate through all the Latin phrases and complex jargon you’ll find in legal matters.

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Whether you are a franchisee looking to make a big impact or a big franchisor maximising your brand, franchising is a rich seam of opportunity. You need to focus on your bottom lines and let someone else take care of the legal complexities. Let us be your right-hand men. Send us your details now.
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