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There are few areas of the law with more at stake than immigration law. Whether you are a family planning to immigrate to Australia’s shores or a business looking to sponsor a game-changing employee, failure can be a crushing blow.

Choose Lazarus Legal and we will be in your corner, fighting for your rights. Our lawyers have practised in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia, and work for clients from the United States to the Middle East, and everywhere in between. That means we understand and appreciate this globalised world we live and work in and still make sure we remain on-top of every detail of Australia’s complex and challenging immigration laws.

“If there’s only one piece of advice you take on board – just one – then here it is! Don’t. Take. Chances. Visa applications are incredibly involved and time-consuming processes that can be both convoluted and confusing for most people.”  Below is just a snapshot of the support services our Immigration Lawyers can provide you with: 

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If you’re committed to living in Australia, you need a lawyer that’s committed to your cause. Fill out this form and our team will call you to listen, assess your unique situation, and guide you through the next steps. One of our specialists will meet you for a free initial consultation at our Bondi Junction office or your preferred location. If you are overseas, we can arrange a virtual meeting. We want to make this happen for you.

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We believe in a fair immigration system and have naturalised citizens on our team. That means we know how important your immigration status is, so our expert advisors and lawyers will always take the time to get down to the nitty-gritty when it comes to visa or residency applications. Unlike some immigration firms, we don’t over-charge or take advantage of you and your life circumstances. – in any shape or form. Our reputation and integrity are what guides our pricing and fees. We’re affordable, accessible, and adept.

We’re also a one-stop-shop that notarises documents for use overseas. If you’re unsure what that means, a notarial act is an authentication by the Notary verifying a document for use in international jurisdictions. We have two advisors to perform this service, so can turn it around in a day if the matter is urgent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Australia has various visa options available for visitors, skilled workers, business people, students, investors and others. Its work visa system focuses on enabling skilled workers to live in the country on a temporary or permanent basis and includes avenues for these workers to meet the needs in different parts of the country. The main visa for temporary employer-sponsored workers allows for family members to accompany the main employee and provides a pathway to permanent residence. Permanent residence for a minimum of twelve months during more than four years of legal residence is a requirement for people to obtain Australian citizenship. A seasonal worker programme for people from certain countries is in place, but does not allow participants to apply for further visas and requires they leave at the end of their employment. New Zealand’s citizens can work in Australia indefinitely but must obtain a permanent visa to gain certain rights or to apply for Australian citizenship.
Persons unlawfully in Australia are required to leave and could face immigration detention. Bridging visas can provide extra time for people to resolve visa issues. Movement and visa records are strictly maintained in Government databases, with incoming and outgoing passenger information carefully recorded. A range of other border protection measures prevents and deters illegal entry into the country, including blacklists, biometric technology, and advance passenger processing.
Australia is considered to have a straightforward and inclusive immigration policy. However, in recent years, a range of illegal migrations to Australia have led to growing concerns and the Government has introduced stricter laws to combat illegal immigration. In saying that, Australia remains a welcoming nation with many opportunities and a suite of immigration policies and paths that can allow aspiring migrators to move to and live in this beautiful country.
You are free to manage your immigration process and navigate the legal system on your own, however, in all but the most straightforward of cases, there are huge benefits to seeking the services of a trained immigration expert. After all, Australia has many visa options, totalling 140 subclasses. A good lawyer can advise you on a number of potentially complex decisions, select a visa option that is right for your situation, check your eligibility and any unique legal requirements, and negotiate with the Government on your behalf. Investing in a good lawyer now can save heartbreak and expense further down the line.

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