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As your business continues to go from strength to strength, the intellectual property you have created will become increasingly important, and better yet, highly valuable. Protecting and safeguarding what matters most, is a great way to ensure the success of your business, both in the short-term and long-term.

Engage a Lazarus Legal Intellectual Property lawyer, and we will ensure your brand, copyrighted works, trade marks, design rights licensing agreements or any other intellectual property matters are taken care of.

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There are various types of intellectual property rights and protective measures you can take to protect your business and personal affairs both within Australia and abroad. These include, for example, trade marks, patents, copyright, trade secrets, false advertising, commercial IP, licensing, brand protection, and protection of confidential information and IP enforcement.

Lazarus Legal acts for a multitude of local and international businesses across a wide range of sectors, including FMCG, IT, retail, tech, construction, entertainment, amongst others. We work with those businesses throughout the entire process, from application stage right through to protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights in Court. We understand that safeguarding your IP is a crucial factor in the success of your business journey.

At Lazarus Legal, we get to know the specific requirements of your business before we provide any advice on the IP rights that would best suit your needs.

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Our team of Intellectual Property experts and legal advisors are ready to look after all your IP matters.

Intellectual property rights form a crucial part in determining the overall value of your business. Whether you are gearing up for an exit or aim to hold on to your business for the foreseeable future, protecting your IP should be a top priority. Speak to one of our lawyers today about how we can help you protect your intellectual property.

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Our lawyers work day in day out with several Australian (and International) brands on a variety of commercial and legal matters. We understand the complexities and urgency pertaining to IP protection. When you reach out to us, we will prioritise your business needs and allocate the requisite resources to ensure your business needs are covered. We will also explain to you the entire process, next steps and our flexible fee structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registering a trade mark starts with conducting a thorough check to understand whether the name and trade mark you’re looking to register is already used by someone else. Our trade mark lawyers conduct a variety of advanced searches to ensure that when you register: 1) the application is not rejected because it is being used by someone else or is too generic; and 2) the name you register does not result in future conflicts by other businesses.

Registering a trade mark can be a long process. IP Australia, the Australian regulatory body that oversees the regulation of Trade Marks in Australia, can take time in processing and accepting trade mark applications. Usually, it takes 7.5 months to register a trade mark from the date it is first filed, assuming there are no objections along the way. The application process involves classifying your business/brand into one of 45 classes. Our lawyers conduct extensive searches before beginning the application process to avoid any hiccups or delays throughout the application process.

Having a trade mark in Australia (though IP Australia) will protect your trade mark inside Australia only. It does not provide legal protection internationally. If you plan to operate internationally, it’s highly recommended to apply in the target markets you wish to pursue – such as the US and UK.

Aside from our trade mark services, we help businesses with a variety of other IP services such as licensing and confidentiality protection.

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