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Everything You Need to Know About Estate Planning

Most people think estate planning is just about deciding where your money will go after you pass. There is a lot more to it than just that. We see it as a continuous process of defining and protecting your interest and that of those around you, to ensure clarity and peace of mind for everyone involved in the process.

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Building and Construction Lawyers

Building and Construction Lawyers

Irrespective of any recession or short-term economic cycle we may be in, we are in the midst of a massive construction boom. Close to $5 billion worth of development projects is now taking place in Sydney’s CBD alone. Whilst that is exciting news, it means the construction industry can see a vast number of disputes from different parties including builders, sub-contractors, buyers, developers and residents.

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Best Commercial Lawyers. Can transform your business.

How The Best Commercial Lawyers Can Transform Your Business

Commercial law is the area of law that governs all commercial transactions and dealings. Understanding the role that commercial law plays in your day to day activities as well as the business environment more widely can have a huge impact on your success. A good commercial lawyer can make all the difference, acting as your legal guide in making the right decisions for your business.

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Litigation in Australia - Guide

Litigation | Your ultimate guide

At Lazarus Legal, we’ve been practising law in Australia for over 30 years, so we’ve seen and worked on numerous litigious matters throughout this time. In our experience, most people have little detailed knowledge about what litigation is – until the unfortunate time comes where they either have to initiate proceedings or respond to a claim that has been brought against them.

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Commercial Litigation - Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Commercial Litigation – Why tech firms need a strong commercial litigation lawyer

In this day and age, every business needs a commercial litigation lawyer. And it’s more critical than ever, especially for industries like tech and SAAS. Millions of Australians may have felt a moment of alarm on Monday September 28th 2020 when they found themselves unable to sign into some of the most widely used apps in the world, including Microsoft Office, Teams and the Outlook email service.

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Commercial Lawyer

Commercial Lawyer | How to Find and Hire the Right Commercial Lawyer

Commercial law is an exciting area of law. It can often be referred to as business law or corporate law. It’s essentially focused on the laws and regulations that oversee all activities within commerce and trade. It is focused on all businesses, regardless of their size, nature and industry, as well as the individuals who are involved in the business activities.

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Construction Law

Legal Guide to the Challenges and opportunities in the Australian construction industry

“Building back better” has become a global slogan for efforts to recover from the economic shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic, but in the case of the construction industry, the phrase has particular resonance. Construction is always one of the industries most affected by economic turmoil, usually one of the first sectors to be wounded but also one of the first to recover.

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Why commercial real estate’s rollercoaster year has made good legal advice a necessity

If you don’t already feel you have the sharpest property lawyers advising you, now is the time to remedy that. Commercial retail is one of the most legally complex industries in Australia and no matter what your plans for the future are, getting the right advice from the start is the only way to safeguard yourself from future litigation. To use an obvious metaphor, you wouldn’t start building a property without laying foundations, and you shouldn’t be building or growing your business without equally sturdy legal support.

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Litigation Minefield - Packaging & Labelling

Labelling and packaging – a potential new minefield for future litigation

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know that right now is Australian Organic Awareness Month – after all, 2020 has been a rather eventful and distracting year. But if you work in the food and drink sector, it’s a month you should be paying attention to, given just how rapidly the once niche market for organic products is growing. We all know that whenever an industry is rising fast, it usually brings out lawyers, regulators and the danger of increased litigation.

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Combating Climate Change

Combating climate change can be the key to future competitive advantage

While some countries still debate whether climate change is real, most Australians now accept it as a settled fact, especially after the devastating bush fires at the end of 2019. Even newspapers that have previously resisted the theory, have publicly stated they recognise the problem. So now that we acknowledge the problem, how do we go about solving it?

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