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Trademark Dispute - Burger Giants - McDonald's & Hungry Jack's

Two fast-food giants go head to head

Don’t get stung without a music licence in your business. This article reflects on the 2018 ABC New piece regarding a bar in Melbourne that was fined $200K for playing songs without a licence. Get licenced before its too late … Read more>>

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Influencer Disclosure

Legal Implications of Influencer Disclosure

When you’re about to start your own business or on track to become a social media star, ‘legal protection’ is probably the last thing on your mind. I get it. I’ve been there. When you’re on track to growing something… Read more>>

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Trade Mark Lawyers Bondi Junction

They Trade Marked What?

From song lyrics to colours, to signature poses. Over the years, there have been some unusual and unexpected trade marks that have been both successfully and unsuccessfully registered.

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FMCG Lawyers

Fast Moving Consumer Goods – Protect Your Brand!

You may have probably already seen the cheap knock-offs in the dollar store of products that are designed to look a lot like popular culture brands – transforming toys that aren’t quite “Transformers” or “Space Wars” ships and aliens that remind you of a popular movie series.

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