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As much as we like to stay grounded, we too, have ambitions and goals that drive us higher. At Lazarus Legal, we aim to build real, long-lasting and loyal relationships with our clients. We want to work with you, not for you.

We want to carry your legal burdens so you’re free to excel and succeed in what you do best! For us, it is about simplicity, which is why we stand behind our four-step legal process.

1. Talk to us

The first step is for you to get chatting with us. Hit us up by phone, email or text so that we get to really know you and your situation.

2. Advisor Dossier

Based on your requirements and the degree of expertise you need, we will discuss with you an appropriate fee arrangement before we get the balling rolling.

3. Flexible Fees

Based on your requirements and the degree of work and expertise you need, We will arrange an appropriate fee structure to execute it.

4. Outcomes

Our legal crew will work behind the scenes to achieve a positive solution for you, keeping you in the loop at every stage of the process.

Let's connect

Building lasting relationships

Is what we are all about!

What’s important for us is that we work around your time and not ours – and not charge you excessively for it. We aren’t just about the word “billable” but focus on fixed fees and being “flexible”. That’s why we’re transparent, affordable, and we endeavour to be a blip on your budget.

We’ll sit with you to provide our undivided attention so we can strategise and brainstorm together with extreme precision. No hiccups, no errors – just one concerted effort to overcome your problem. Back to back, it’s you and us against the world!

Whatever the threat. Whatever the impasse. Whatever the trial.

Together There’s No Challenge We Can’t Rise Above.

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We are conveniently located in Bondi Junction. If you need help with a trade mark issue, have a start-up idea you need legal advice on, or you have a franchise contract you want us to simplify for you, we’ve got you covered! Or maybe you require certain documents to be notarised for an overseas business transaction, you have monies owing to you, or you have a property you are looking to buy – we’ve got this under control, too! Our legal team cover a wide range of legal services. Connect with us today and find out how we can help.

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