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When conflicts escalate and court becomes the only option, it’s time to get serious legal backup. At Lazarus Legal, our seasoned litigation lawyers have been honing their skills in the legal arena for decades. Choosing one of our experts means safeguarding your interests in both commercial and civil disputes. We’re committed to enhancing your odds of a positive result, whether you’re initiating or responding to a legal challenge. Our expertise spans various fields, ensuring comprehensive legal support. 

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Frequently asked questions

Litigation is the process of taking legal action. Your litigator aims to expose weaknesses in the other side’s position to enter into, and progress through, negotiations and trial in an effective and advantageous manner.

  1. Investigation: The process typically starts with an investigation to ensure that your lawyer fully understands your situation and ensures that your legal position is sound.
  2. Pleading: Then, your lawyer will begin an initial pleading process through the written complaint that initiates the suit.
  3. Discovery: During the discovery process, your litigation lawyer will turn over relevant documents, answer questions, provide information to help develop a fuller understanding of the underlying facts
  4. Mediation: In most cases, mediation is the first step in resolving the case. This is when both parties are encouraged to meet in the presence of a mediator, to attempt to negotiate a settlement.
  5. Pre-trial motions: This is the step that precedes the trial and usually involves filing various motions and requesting a ruling from the judge.
  6. Trial: At trial, a barrister will take over the lawsuit from the solicitor. However, the solicitor’s role remains essential to assist the barrister in preparing for and conducting the trial.
  7. Appeal: After the trial results in an outcome, the losing party may appeal. An appeal is an argument alleging that the judge has incorrectly dismissed a particular claim or defence.

At Lazarus Legal, we pride ourselves on providing clients with transparent, flexible, and outcomes-based fees. Every litigation can require different time and effort. Therefore, after our initial consultation, we’ll be able to answer this question and give you the full picture of the process and fees.

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Finding the right litigation lawyer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Your career, business and personal life will be greatly impacted by it. The right litigation lawyer is someone who not only has the experience and skill to get you the outcomes you need but someone with the best character and personality fit for you. The right lawyer is someone that will take the time to explain and simplify the complex processes and be there when you need them.

 Just because someone is a good lawyer, does not mean they will excel in litigation. Litigation is in a class of its own, requiring experience specifically in litigation and familiarity within the court you will be represented in. At Lazarus Legal, our litigation lawyers will guide you through the complexities of civil and commercial law and devise a strategy to tackle your dispute head-on. Our litigation lawyers have proven experience and results in a wide range of litigation areas. Equally important, our litigation lawyers ensure they take the time to help you understand and navigate through all the Latin phrases and complex jargon you’ll find in legal matters.

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Our team of litigation lawyers know, live and breath the courts. We have successfully represented clients in the Local Courts, District Courts, Supreme Court of New South Wales, Federal Courts and in the Family Courts. 

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