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The Process of Notarising Your Documents

Notarise your document before it is sent overseas.

Authenticate your document with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Send the document to the relevant legal agencies and liaise with them for approval and verification.

Why notarise your documents with us?

Are you looking to find a notary public or searching where your documents can be notarised? Your nearest public notary might be able to help you. However, getting your documents notarised with us means you deal with professional legal experts who can give you superior service at, in many cases, a more affordable rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our fees are in alignment (or cost less) with the Notary NSW Guidelines which you can find in this page.

There’s a wide range of documents that may need to be notarised for national or international (mainly) purposes. These include trusts, estates, loan documents, commercial and real estate contracts such as land conveyance, powers of attorney, licenses and deeds. If you are unsure if your document needs to be notarised or what’s needed for it to be authenticated, get in touch and we’ll be able to help you.

A Notary typically has more duties than a JP (Justice of Peace) as they are have their very own seals or stamps to be used in Australian and internationally.

Notary services relating to acts of verification include:

  1. Verifying a person’s identity by witnessing a signature or fingerprints
  2. Authenticating documents for international and national purposes
  3. Certifying documents such as wills, deeds, powers of attorney, contracts and other documents of a similar nature for use normally associated with international activity.
  4. Verifying certificates of law to be used in overseas courts
  5. Noting and if needed, protesting of bills of exchange
An Australian Notary Public or sometimes called Public Notary, or Notary, is essentially a public officer, with years of experience and practice in other legal disciplines such as a practising solicitor or attorney, who is appointed and accredited by the State or Territory Supreme Court and provided with statutory powers to witness documents, administer oaths, and carry out other administrative functions that may be of national and or international nature.

If you are residing in New South Wales, there are mainly two kinds of public officers who have the authority to help you legitimise your documents including confirming your identity and witnessing legal and binding documents.
The more widely common type is what is referred to as the Justice of the Peace.

A Justice of the Peace (JP) is quite helpful for tasks such as your identity confirmation (in certain cases), certifying true copies of original documents or witnessing statutory declarations.

However, there are many important cases where JP’s help would not suffice. That’s when a Public Notary is extremely important. A public notary is typically needed for more critical forms of legal verification.

Not everyone can be or is a Public Notary. To become a Public Notary, a lawyer must

  1. Be appointed by the Supreme Court
  2. Have completed 5 years of legal practice
  3. Complete the required Notarial Practice Course
  4. Apply through the Legal Profession Admission Board
If need to notarise documents that are going to be used outside Australia, a Notary Public must understand the process required for your documents to be fully validated. The process can require a few steps which may also be dependant on what country the document needs to be verified for.
If you get in touch with us over the phone, we can provide an indicative quote, however, a final quote would be subject to us assessing the documents to be notarised and a clear understanding of what the document is intended for, where it is going to be used.
Your document can be in any language and especially the language of the country it is intended for.
We currently do not notarise electronic documents. Your notarised document needs to be in physical form, and you must bring those documents with you. This is to ensure compliance with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade guidelines at this point in time.
Indeed – if you have multiple pages, and your documents must be legalised, by authentication or apostille, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The binding will include your notary certificate.
No, but you may bring your own copies if you wish. If you do not bring copies with you, we will copy the most original documents in our office at no additional cost – given that your documents or no larger than A4 format. If your documents are larger than an A4 paper, you will need to bring your own copies with you.
In order to notarise it, your document will need to be signed and witnessed in front of our notary public. We don’t notarise documents that have been signed or witnessed prior to coming to us.
Generally, we will provide you fixed fee for our notary services. In addition to the fee for our notary public services, the quote may include fees associated with travel, postage fees, filing fees and other out of pocket expenses that we may incur on your behalf. The fixed fee quote will cover all the fees needed to ensure you have certainty and avoid unexpected surprises or additional costs.

There are a few offices that can notarise your documents but to ensure you get the right help, you need find out all the documents they will require and how quick will the process take. A phone call or an email can save you time and effort.

4.8 20 reviews

  • Avatar Camilla Ingall ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Mark was efficient, professional and conducted everything in such a timely manner with excellent attention to detail. I was very new to the world of small business legalities and he was patient and took the time to take me through all the … More finer details to ensure it was clear and I was comfortable. I would highly recommend him!
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