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Launch your startup with ease, backed by Lazarus Legal’s savvy team. We cut through legal jargon to build a solid foundation for your business. From initial setup to intellectual property protection, we focus on straightforward, effective solutions. We give you the keys to build a business that will last.

Start-up Law

Engage a Lazarus Legal start-up lawyer and get your company built on a solid legal foundation. We will take you from start-up to the finish-line.

Our Start-up Legal Services

Ask one of our start-up lawyers and advisors what motivates them to go to work each day and the will likely say that it’s the ability to work with burgeoning start-ups. There is nothing more exciting than the energy of entrepreneurialism, and we love watching a client go from one founding member with a big idea to an established success story with a whole team reaping the rewards.

Of course, one of the reasons start-ups are so exciting, is because they are taking risks, and that means that sometimes the risk doesn’t pay off.

9 out of 10 Australian start-ups fail. In our experience, most start-up founders are acutely aware of this – but what hurts is when their start-up fails for avoidable reasons. Failing to register a trade mark, falling victim to an onerous contract, getting shafted by your co-founder, or having a competitor sweep in and steel your idea, are just a few examples of the challenges start-ups face along their journey.

Lazarus Legal’s specialists are here to help you chase your dream, while protecting you every step of the way. We listen to your incredible ideas and then give you the legal reality check you need to ensure you are on track for success!

What are the legal implications of your venture? When should you obtain a trade mark? Should you sign that NDA before approaching suppliers? How do you go about setting up your employment contracts or distribution channels so that your product secrets are kept safe and your idea is protected? These are just some of the questions that many entrepreneurs forgets to ask – that’s why we’re here.

Our Start-up legal services include:

We'll help your start-up build on a solid legal framework.

Get the legal aspects of your company set up right and protect yourself from the get go.

Your beautiful start-up idea is fighting for its life from day one, trying to beat the system long enough to grow and change the world. You can give it a fighting chance by protecting it from legal harm. Fill out this form and our helpful team will call you to listen, assess, and advise you on the right legal support package you need. One of our specialists will be delighted to meet you for a free initial consultation at our Bondi Junction office or your location. We want to be part of your big adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aspiring businesses tend to disrupt and take risks. They don’t play it safe. And that’s one of the reasons they succeed. But could be the reason they get into a legal jam. Your business needs a savvy business lawyer to manage and minimise your risks. It’s a lawyer’s role to think about all the things that could go wrong with the company and think of ways to avoid these problems from occurring.

Business owners are often optimists and for them, the potential for legal risks can be easily underestimated. It may be difficult to imagine a trusted employee giving away a trade secret, a supplier providing something substantially poorer quality than you paid for, or a customer refusing to pay an invoice, but these things happen. That’s when good business lawyers come in.

A business lawyer can help you and your business do a multitude of tasks and take on several complex initiatives. They can help and advise you on the legal structure of your business, draft and create various contracts and agreements, make sure your advertising is compliant, protect your intellectual property, respond and manage legal disputes, and a lot more.

At Lazarus Legal, we have a team of business lawyers with a diverse background and expertise. We are a one-stop-shop for all your business legal requirements. But more importantly, when you hire one of our business lawyers, they become a part of your business, advising and protecting your business throughout its journey.

At Lazarus Legal, we focus on value first and foremost. In saying that, we make sure our fees are not only transparent but affordable for every aspiring and growing business. If we didn’t discuss it, we won’t bill you for it. Our fee structure is flexible and we work it around your budgets and constraints. Get in touch and we’ll tell take you through all the details you need to know including our fees.

What you can expect

At Lazarus Legal, our lawyers have a startup mentality. We enjoy the thrill of the new, we thrive on defying expectations, and most of all we love to get things done. We’re all about embracing new ideas and ways of thinking and supporting the visionaries of the future. We’re all about you.  We’re also mindful of your initial capital. We’re focused on providing you with real solid advice without draining your seed funding on legal services. What’s more, we understand your time is precious. That’s why we’ve come up with our “Start-Up Meet” – an opportunity for you to meet with one of our advisors and to delve into what you and your business are all about. If your head is in the clouds we’ll bring you down to earth long enough to get your paperwork in place, then we’ll help you soar again.

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We know you want to move fast. It’s not our job to slow you down, it’s our job to remove the obstacles that can get in your way. We’ll take care of the legalities and technicalities so you can create new realities. If you want legal advice to make sure your start-up is accompanied by a sonic boom, drop us a line.
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