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You spend a lifetime building, maintaining and growing your success, but there comes a point when what really matters is the legacy that you leave behind. At these moments you want to make sure that those who you love or wish to thank are rewarded and taken care of when you are no longer here.

For many, planning your estate and writing your will can be a difficult matter to get to grips with, but one which is important if you want your wishes to be respected when you can no longer express them. Lazarus Legal wills and succession specialists can provide you with sensitive and expert support to make this process as simple as possible. 

Our Wills and Estate Planning services include:

Leaving a secure and lasting legacy with sensitive, expert legal advice.

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If you know that writing a will and planning your legacy is something you should do and keep putting it off, you need expert and sensitive legal help to make the process simple. Let a Lazarus Legal wills and succession specialist be your guide. Fill out this form and our team will call you to listen and guide you through the next steps. One of our specialists will meet you for a free initial consultation at our Bondi Junction office or your preferred location. Let’s protect your legacy together.

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Wills and estate planning isn’t just about the money you leave behind, it’s also about your wider interests and legacy, including businesses and property. If you’ve lived a full and successful life, that can often mean a complex legal landscape. We’ll help you map it, and make it easy for your wishes to be respected after you have gone.

Our expert wills and succession lawyers will advise on a range of services to assist you and your family and the other people you care about. Our team will also work with you and your close network of professionals to ensure that your estate and intentions are taken care of as you deem fit. We will do what it takes to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Frequently Asked Questions

A will is a legal document that sets out how you wish your assets to be distributed when you die. Also, if you have minor children, it nominates a guardian (or guardians) who will care for them after your death.

Studies have shown that at least 45% of Australians do not have a valid will. Some people wonder whether they need a will at all. To answer the question, consider what can happen if you don’t have a will when you die. If you die without a will, your money, property and other assets divided up according to certain standardised rules (called “intestacy rules”). Most people prefer to take active control over this, rather than have it divided according to a government-imposed formula. Making a will is the only way to ensure your assets will be distributed according to your wishes after you die.

Your will is legally valid if:

  1. you are 18 years or older;
  2. it is in writing: either handwritten, typed or printed;
  3. it is signed by the person making the will in the presence of at least two witnesses who must also sign; and
  4. the will-maker has what is known as “testamentary capacity”. This essentially means they must be of sound mind and not be under any duress when making the will.
The Australian legal system is complex and the laws surrounding wills differ per jurisdiction. As a will is an extremely important document that should be made legal proof and in your best interests, a good lawyer can be a sound inverstment if you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your will is going to be respected. Life changes can make an existing will invalid, such as divorce. In short, a lawyer can help you to ensure your large estates and wishes are met with minimal risk.

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Wills and trusts can be used to accomplish many goals, and they can be as flexible as your needs and wishes require. Ensuring that those needs and wishes are carried out requires careful planning in choosing the best trusts or the best provisions for your will. Led by a professional legal team, Lazarus Legal can simplify the complex terminology and walk you through the best 

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