6 Benefits of hiring a Commercial Lawyer?

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Taking a wrong step legally could be devastating for any business, particularly a small or medium business. Whereas huge companies have the resources to protect themselves against almost anything, a relatively small mistake for a smaller business could mean losing a lot of money and taking a hit to their reputation.

Thrill Seeking Warnings: Exclusion of Liability


The New South Wales Supreme Court of Appeal awarded an appellant $136,075.00 in damages as compensation for injuries suffered in a quad biking activity despite the risk warnings and assistance provided by instructors.

Residential Tenancies Your Rights and Protections


There is sometimes an imbalance between the landlord and tenancy relationship. In NSW, the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (the ‘Act’) and Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 (the ‘Regulations’) attempts to bridge this gap by giving you certain rights in your tenancy.

Caveats, Loans and Homes

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You might have heard the term “caveats” thrown around here and there when referring to loan agreements and property. But what exactly are they?

How To Determine If A Debt Is Genuinely Owed Or Not

It is not uncommon for monies that are allegedly owed to be recovered through court processes. If you have money owed to you or dispute a claim against you for money, it is important to approach legal practitioners such as our team at Lazarus Legal to actually determine whether a debt is genuinely owed or not.

Can Unfriending someone on Facebook be considered Workplace Bullying?


You may have recently heard on the news about a recent Fair Work Commission case which found that “unfriending” someone from Facebook can constitute workplace bullying. But first, we thought we’d clarify a few things because the law is not always clear cut…

Court Proceedings 101

Litigation in court is usually the final recourse an individual can take when seeking a resolution of a dispute against another.