Energy drinks – to drink or not to drink that is the question!

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Energy drinks have been reasonably quiet in the media for some time now, so it was only a matter of time before they made their way back into the headlines! Find out more…

They Trade Marked What?

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From song lyrics to colours, to signature poses. Over the years, there have been some unusual and unexpected trade marks that have been both successfully and unsuccessfully registered.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods – Protect Your Brand!

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You may have probably already seen the cheap knock-offs in the dollar store of products that are designed to look a lot like popular culture brands – transforming toys that aren’t quite “Transformers” or “Space Wars” ships and aliens that remind you of a popular movie series.

Why FMCGs need more legal advice than other industries

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When it comes to running a successful FMCG, there three things that you need in your back pocket, you need a good ‘ABC’ action plan – an attorney, a banker and a CPA or accountant.

When life gives you lemons… write a blog!

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So, I have decided to enter the world of bloggin/vlogging and was contemplating how I could make you the audience more interested in the law. It got me thinking, but I soon realised it ain’t going to be easy, cause let’s face it, the law is s%it boring.

5 Controversial and Historic Court Cases in Australia

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Many court cases are routine and follow existing law that has been put in place. However, sometimes a court case takes place that sets a new precedent or interprets the law in an unexpected way. These historic and sometimes controversial cases can end up reported widely by the media, cited often by lawyers and law students, and might also influence how the law is enforced for years to come.

6 Benefits of hiring a Commercial Lawyer?

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Taking a wrong step legally could be devastating for any business, particularly a small or medium business. Whereas huge companies have the resources to protect themselves against almost anything, a relatively small mistake for a smaller business could mean losing a lot of money and taking a hit to their reputation.

Is Bitcoin on its way to being legitimised in Australia?

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Australia is following the steps of countries like Japan as it edges a little closer to legitimising Bitcoin and other digital/crypto currency by recognising its existence in law.

Attention Franchisors! New laws with big consequences!

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As a franchisor, the most crucial thing to take away from this is that these laws apply to franchisors who have a significant degree of influence or control over their franchisees’ affairs.

Why hire a startup lawyer?


You have the idea, the passion, and knowledge but you need help with with the legalities. In this post we look at a few reasons to hire a startup lawyer from the get go to avoid any pitfalls along your way to success.